Virtual Summer Camps 

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Virtual Summer Camps 

Summer is off to a wonky start for most parents with kids. Whatever you usually do during the summer, be it daycare, summer camps, or relatives taking care of your kids, your plans are likely shifting and changing.


Code Ninjas

If you’re anything like any parent in Swipetrack’s office  (and let’s assume you are since you are reading this), Code Ninjas will be one of the most interesting summer camps for you. They are offering a week-long virtual summer camp covering a variety of topics including coding, robotics, and game building. They also offer hands-on virtual camps where a cool STEM product like Ozobot or Cubelets is shipped to children’s homes. Code Senseis (instructors) virtually guide kids through challenges and activities, such as building an actual robot. Check with a nearby location for schedules and availability. In San Antonio, we have four available locations.


Art Camp 504

Art Camp 504 offers a variety of art classes for kids ages five to 13 in everything from DIY board game creation to virtual theater and printmaking. You should take a moment to look at the variety of classes they offer, because you may be surprised. Let’s highlight an advanced Dungeons and Dragons class you may be tempted to take with your kid! 🙂 

Class size is capped at six students, and fees are sliding scale to accommodate families who have lost income. If your child has a group of friends (four or more) who are interested in taking the class together, you can sign up for a private class for the crew.

The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Global is reaching millions of families around the world right now as part of #WereHereTogether campaign, which offers free online learning resources for kids and provides even more ways to learn about the world around us! San Diego Zoo Kids online is also full of video content, activities, quizzes, and games to keep students engaged over the summer, including DIY activities to do at home and 13 live cams of animals to watch online.  

Little Passports

Little Passports is offering a pair of unique summer camps in a box, starting at $125 each—one STEM camp packed with experiments and everything kids need to explore science, and another globally inspired camp to help kids explore countries around the world. The boxes have enough activities to keep kids occupied for up to 24 hours each, with additional online programming to extend the camp time a little longer.

Connected Camps

Connected Camps offers live week-long coed and girls-only online camps for kids 8 to 13 years old. Each camp runs for 5 days, 90 minutes a day. Camps run June 1 – August 14. Your child can continue to refine the skills they are learning in camp in their year-round programs and free Kid Club and Connected Craft servers. They list their programs on the Outschool marketplace and use other platforms such as Minecraft and Scratch to run the programs. Expert counselors run programs in various topics ranging from game design, engineering, to coding, and more.


Ivy Virtual Camps

Ivy Virtual Camps offer small class sizes (they’re capped at six participants per class) and a wide range of fun activities, with everything from learning to draw comics to mastering Minecraft to virtual book clubs. All virtual classes are led by a live instructor, who will teach and guide campers in discussions, interactions, and project-based challenges. Kids can take three different classes per day for a full day’s worth of activities, or simply pick one class to take. Classes start at $195 per week. 

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