How to Land a Job After an Event

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How to Land a Job After an Event

The buzz after a job fair can catch you up in a tizzy, particularly when you’re in the throes of looking for a job. So, what are you to do after attending a job fair? From an employer’s perspective, and in my case the CEO of the company, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure a favorable experience.

One-up Everyone on the Follow-up

Go a step further with sending an email and think of sending a hand-written note as well. If your handwriting really is awful, stick to the email. Follow up with any pertinent information you may have left out during the quick 3 minutes you spoke with the representative from the company. Ivy from SwipeTrack did a recent post on how to curate the perfect follow up email, follow her fool proof format. But do us (on this end) a favor and follow up once, maybe twice, but no more than that. We are trying to get through the over 200 people we met that one night and see who will be offered a rose to get to the next round.

LinkedIn: to Connect or Not to Connect? Always Hit Connect.

It is ok to reach out to the person you spoke to or other members of the organization. However, do not use this to get out of the follow up email. Don’t be intimidated, reach out and see what the company is working on and if they update their presence on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to see the company culture along with the projects that excite them. Each week at SwipeTrack we have a Magic the Gathering game, quarterly outings as a company, as well as promote the exciting work we do for our clients.

Update Your Personal Page (Social Media) and Website.

If you have a website that you feel will show off your design skills more than your github account, display that along with your github account. Make sure that your designs are clean and without bugs. Keep in mind this is like a mini job interview. The time in front of a company is short during a job fair so this is a way to leave a lasting impression. Keep in mind to clean up your page and take out politics or any kind of sensitive topics from your page. Today’s employers are looking not only for skill but personality to jive with the office culture in one; you are joining a family after all. Many employers, ourselves included, do check social media pages of those seeking employment, think of this as a pre-interview.

Be patient!

I left this one last because I truly mean it. Be patient with the company, we understand this is a sensitive and emotional time for many. Sometimes we make three or four passes through a resume before going for the initial invitation for interview. Don’t send an email every week asking for a follow up, and please don’t ask your wife to send an email (had it happen to me personally, does not bode well).

Good luck on your job hunt and as I tell people who apply with SwipeTrack, it’s not a no forever – it’s a no at this moment. Take it as an opportunity to brush up on some skills or ask what you can do to make you a more marketable person.

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