Hurricane Preparedness for Your Technology

Hurricane Computer Technology Prepare
Posted by: Ivy Gutierrez Category: Technology Comments: 0 Post Date: August 25, 2017

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Technology

South Texas is preparing for Hurricane Harvey, which is currently (Friday, Aug 25) classified as Category 2, but it is expected to reach Category 3. Please make sure you know how to protect yourself during a hurricane and in the aftermath. And while bread, eggs and water is flying off of shelves of our local H-E-Bs, it is also important to consider how we can prepare our technology. This is true both for businesses and individuals, so let’s go through several important steps.

Step 1: Backup everything

The best thing to do would to be have offsite, out-of-state backups. If that is non an option, consider making several backups of the important files (or photos) and leaving one HDD at work, one at home or in the backpack. Many cloud based services are currently available for an affordable sum and could be an excellent way to store important information. Make sure you review what you are backing up and make sure you do not need to add or remove items from it.

Step 2: Prepare for the water

With hurricanes, we usually only think of the strong rotating winds, a similarity they share with tornadoes. However, the biggest threat to your hardware is likely to be rising water. Hurricanes can last up to three weeks and not only do they bring lots of rain, in areas close to the ocean, they cause storm surges. Consider moving the computers somewhere they can be safe from minor flooding (bring the tower up from the floor) and disconnect everything you can.

Step 3: Check your go bag

If you are in an area that might be evacuated, make sure you have your go bag ready. It needs to contain items you will use on the road or in the shelter. (Note: Air BnB is offering free accomoddation for Hurricane Harvey evacuees.) Make sure your electronics is charged. Charge your spare batteries. (Note: ATT is offering discounted cell phone batteries.) Take cables and chargers with you. Having a spare cable might not be a bad idea, either – they are cheap and light and someone might need them for sure. Having a car-capable version is good too, in case you can not find a powered outlet.

Stay safe, Texas.

Ivy Gutierrez

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