How to E-Mail Contacts After the SA Tech Job Fair

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How to E-Mail Contacts After the SA Tech Job Fair

If you are looking for a tech job in San Antonio, hopefully you attended San Antonio Job Tech Job Fair earlier this week! Perhaps you even read our tips on preparing for the job fair and you are now sitting on a big pile of business cards trying to figure out what to do next. Fret not, we have you covered! If you are sitting at your computer unsure of how to e-mail your new contacts, read on.

Subject Line: Be Direct

In the subject line, summarize your email. What is your intention? If this is a follow-up after the job fair, write that! Make sure they know what the email is about because if it seems vague, it might get missed. If you discussed a particular position, mention it in the subject line of your email!


  • Follow-up after SA Tech Job Fair
  • SA Tech Job Fair: Front End Developer Position

Make Sure They Remember You

After you politely greet them and tell them where you met, say something about yourself to spark their memory. You likely met less managers and recruiters than they met candidates, so make sure they remember you. Remind them of something particular in your conversation or tell them you are the person with the purple hair.


  • I realize you met a lot of people last night. To refer you back to our conversation, I am the Trinity University/Texas State Univeristy alum and my experience in …

Be Easy to Read!

While we all value our privacy, when you are looking for a job, you do not want to be hard to find. Quite the contrary, you should strive to be an open book … or at least appear so. Provide them with links to your website, github and Linkedin profiles. Every employer will want to look at those before hiring someone and they will appreciate you making it easy on them!

Keep in mind that even though you gave them your résumé, they might have a hard time finding it in a pile of résumés they took to work with them. Attach your résumé to the email you are sending and include the number they could reach you at in case they want to do a phone interview.

Tell Them What You Want

Do you want to work for the company you are contacting? Say it. This is not the time to be shy. Be honest and direct and if you want an intership, say it. If you think you would be a good fit for the company, tell them. If you like them and want to come in for an interview, ask for an interview.


  • SwipeTrack seems like it has an amazing company culture based on collaboration and teamwork, and I really feel like it would be a great place for me to utilize my talents and continue to grow as a developer. I applied for the front end developer position that was listed on the SwipeTrack career section last night. Please let me know when I can come in for an interview.


The examples used in this blog post may or may not be direct quotes from some memorable e-mails we received. 😉

Ivy Gutierrez

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