The Best Scary Movies for Your Pre-Halloween Friday the 13th

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The Best Scary Movies for Your Pre-Halloween Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th and it is October. That’s officially the best Friday the 13th you can have! Just the right time to have some friends come over after work and stream a scary movie to get you in the mood for all of the Halloween parties you are about to attend.

You sit down, relax and …. suddenly you can not find the right movie? Fret not, we got you covered. Here is a list of five amazing scary movies you can stream from your device, cast on your TV or whatever it is you like to do. 🙂

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

In this elaborate remake of the 1956 horror classic, health inspector Donald Sutherland is dispatched to investigate the curious behavior of several San Francisco restaurateurs. He begins to notice that even those closest to him are behaving in a detached fashion. The source of this ennui is an alien attack.

Watch on: Amazon Prime, Hulu

Lights out (2016)

When a bloodthirsty supernatural being that lurks in the shadows preys upon a family, a young woman must fight to protect herself, save her little half-brother, and uncover a mystery about her family’s shadowy past.

Watch on: HBO

It Follows (2015)

After a strange sexual encounter, a teenager finds herself haunted by nightmarish visions and the inescapable sense that something is after her.

Watch on: Netflix

Host (2006)

When a young girl is snatched away from her father by a horrifying giant monster that emerges from the River Han to wreak havoc on Seoul, her entire family sets out to locate the beast and bring their little girl back home to safety in South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s big-budget creature feature. Hee-bong is a man of modest means who runs a snack bar on the banks of the River Han. Along with his slow-witted eldest son, Gang-du; Gang-du’s young daughter, Hyun-seo; archery champion daughter Nam-joo; and unemployed, shirker son, Nam-il, Hee-Bong has managed to maintain a close relationship with his family despite the hardships that come with being a single father. When a rampaging fiend erupts from the Han and throws the city of Seoul into a state of emergency, Gang-du is heartbroken to see his precious little girl scooped up by the scaly creature and spirited away to an unknown destination. This is one family that always sticks together, though, and as the rest of the city denizens scramble to take cover, Hee-bong, Gang-du, Nam-joo, and Nam-il set out to prove that they’re not letting their little girl go without a fight.
Available on: Netflix, Hulu

Raw (2017)

Everyone in Justine’s family is a vet. And a vegetarian. At sixteen she’s a brilliant student starting out at veterinary school where she experiences a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. Desperate to fit in, she strays from her family principles and eats RAW meat for the first time. Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self begins to emerge…

Watch on: Netflix

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