6 Features of XTruLink

features of xtrulink, xtrulink, swipetrack, san antonio zoo
features of xtrulink, xtrulink, swipetrack, san antonio zoo
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6 Features of XTruLink

We know the products that you are using are not built directly for your needs, but simply happened to be the closest fit. There is a limit to where that can take you. If you want your organization to reach its full potential, you must close the gaps in your current system.

XTruLink acts as a technology bridge between where your system is and where you need it to be. To harvest the full potential of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices, strategies, and technologies, the system needs to be open to communication. The information contained within the system is only useful if you can use it and share it between your ticketing system, point of sale, users’ online profiles and so on. Here are 6 features of XTruLink:

Create and Modify Constituents

Simply add new constituents to your database or modify information provided by the existing constituents. Incorrect information is not valuable and it is critical to make sure your records are correct and up to date. We give you the ability to do it quickly, easily and securely.

Identify Constituents with Photos

Sometimes additional security is needed and your employees need to verify that the constituent ID is being used by the correct person. Asking people to provide their ID takes time and is often met with resistance and hesitation. You can avoid the hassle by snapping a quick photo of the constituent and saving it with their profile. As soon as their membership is scanned, the profile will pop up and your members will be able to discreetly and quickly verify that the correct person is entering your establishment without asking for additional identification.

Create/View Sales Orders

A large portion of foot traffic to any arts and cultural organization comes not from their members, but guests, tourists, and groups. Being able to offer them excellent service is important, as that may be the first experience they have with your institution and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is why it is critical to have a good system that processes your sales orders. Our integration can create new sales orders and display the existing ones to your employees.

Ultra-Fast Data Access

features of xtrulink, xtrulink, swipetrack, san antonio zoo

We built XTruLink to operate independently of the Altru database. It stores your information in an external data cache and communicates once a day back to the main database to update the information. This way we are able to provide you with a fast response from the database, and in the event that Altru or Blackbaud experience difficulties that slow them down or take
them offline, your business will not be affected.

Personalized Interface

features of xtrulink, xtrulink, swipetrack, san antonio zoo

XTruLink is designed specifically for you. Is there a feature your employees access often? Let us pull it to the front and minimize the number of clicks needed to access it. You can determine which features are important and need to be only one click away. Additionally, we can smooth out the look of your application and work with your marketing department to be consistent with your branding and logo colors.

Create/Modify/Validate Tickets and Memberships

The crucial part of the entry process for every establishment is validating the membership at the door. In order to make this process quick and easy for everyone involved, your ticketing system has to access the database quickly and return this information without a glitch. By using TruLink and appropriate mobile hardware, you know you are getting a quick response from your database at any location where you may need it.

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