iPhone 8 Release: What, When and How Much?

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iPhone 8 Release: What, When and How Much?

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iPhone 8 Release!

With now just weeks to go and more leaks than a cauldron, the newest of the iPhone series is being met with much of the same scrutiny as its predecessors. It will be arriving at the 10th anniversary mark of Apple’s smartphone. So, what are the rumors? We are hearing the first of its kind to bring a wireless charging piece of technology along with the curved AMOLED display, and the vertical dual rear-facing camera. What is AMOLED (you may get asked)? Active-matrix organic light-emitting dioxide. Essentially, it increases the speed of the OLED panel to activate each pixel. This speed allocates larger, higher definition displays with more pixels than you can imagine.

When can I get my hands on this?

According to Mac4Ever, we can expect the unveiling of the device 12th of September to be an exciting date. However, keep in mind this is not the same as when they will be available for purchase, which is looking like the Q4 2017 and in limited quantity. Why the delay? Apparently, some issues are coming up with the Touch ID sensor. We also hear the iPhone 8 may not actually be here until 2018, which would not be great for the holiday season purchasers if you were looking for something to gift that special someone (yourself).

How much for the new iPhone?

Well, be expecting to shell out some change. With the route that Apple has been taking with their latest hardware, Forbes is reporting somewhere in the $1,000.

MRW I’m on “The Price is Right”, spin, and win $1,000

Obviously, this all is determined by which spec model you choose (128 GB is a big difference from 256 GB). This may be us leading up to 9/12. We will be updating with news as it comes along.

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