Cold Calling Is Dead. What Should You Do Now?

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Cold Calling Is Dead. What Should You Do Now?

For the love of your business, please stop cold calling (or in general, communicating) the old-fashioned way. We all remember the days of receiving a notice “You’ve Got Mail” from a certain suitor from afar promising great wealth that always needed money, in return, you would be granted wealth. You even may be so (un)fortunate to see that this prince is now in your inbox on various social media platforms, he’s gone social.

Reasearch Shows Cold Calling Does Not Work

I hate to break it to you salespersons looking for a hit, but according to the Keller Research Center at Baylor University study from September 2012 examined 6,264 calls and found that only 28% (1,774 calls) resulted in 19 appointments. The success rate of the cold calls to appointments was 0.3%. This means that one would have to spend over 7 hours cold calling to obtain one (1!) qualified appointment.

Well, What Should I Do?

Think about this as dating, this is my easiest analogy. Don’t start off your emails with “Hey, can you give me 15 minutes of your time next week? I’d love to talk to you about ______.” What is wrong with you? This is up there with hilarious/awful online dating first messages. No, I do not have 15 minutes of my day to talk to you about what you’re pitching if you’re not interested in making a meaningful relationship. This is a two-way street. Long gone are the days of transactional practices.

You know what does work though? Consider who I am as a person. Check out my LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Find out what my company is doing.

Do your research on the company you want to do business with. Learn their company culture. Learn your caller. Date them. Romance them; dance with them. I want to know what you bring to the table rather than know what you want from me. My time means time away from my clients and my staff. These are people I care about, if you want me to care about you, you need to

I want to know what you bring to the table rather than know what you want from me. My time means time away from my clients and my staff. These are people I care about, if you want me to care about you, you need to

Know Your Value

Before you even click on my name to send a blanketed email claiming you have the key to Narnia, don’t inflate what you offer. Chances are if you are truly offering me something useful, I want to team with you. If you are a female in the business world or are beginning your entrepreneurial chops, I want to know your drive. This does not just apply to the tech world, I want to know who you are because we are now part of a great fraternity of entrepreneurs.

If you do your research you will that we too are a small business and have pride in this. We like to team up with similar, like-minded individuals and companies. We enjoy innovation, but rely heavily on relationships, rather than promising snake oil.

Similarly, if we become business partners, I want to promote you as well. I want to be your biggest cheerleader. So what is it that you’re offering?  Please be finite. Make it known loud and proud. If you can’t distinctly tell me in an introductory email and need a phone call to explain it, there’s a problem with your confidence in what you’re pitching.

Okay, I won’t email you… (Don’t do this!)

No! That’s not what we’re trying to get at! What I’m saying is know your audience. This will win major points with the company you are reaching out to. If you do choose to email (please do this, phone calls are difficult to handle), use the name of the company you’re reaching out to in the subject line. Be specific and authentic.

If it sounds like a pitch email, it is a pitch email (your open will drop). Marketing techniques change, you must adapt to a faster industry. Remember to tell me who you are in the email (important). Tell me what your company and you yourself have to bring to the table – be specific. Tell me how you think we can collaborate. And say it quickly, clearly and directly.

Cold calling is dead. Cold emails can still live, but they need to drastically change in form.



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